Even the most fundamental principles must keep up with ever changing times 

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
In 70 years of existence, the Declaration has remained fixed, while the world changed. Evolution of technology or rise in number of non-nuclear families and sexual emancipation are just some examples of societal changes that challenge the current form of the Declaration. This is why Irena Rosenthal, a legal philosopher from University of Amsterdam, decided it is time for new human rights for a new era.

Rewriting the constitution Constitutions, even if they represent the core values and ways of functioning in a country, are rigid documents, hard to put to a change in accordance with the changes occuring in society. But what would happen if citizens had the opportunity to contribute to rewriting their constitution in accordance with current, updated principles. It happened in Iceland after the 2008 financial crisis. The outcome was more than 2/3s of the population approved the updated document through referendum.

We were there, making a documentary about it. Check it out!