Democratic power should not be concentrated in a small number of institutions, but in the hands of those whom it affects the most – the people.

Dialogue Circles
Open debates are not only one of the most important tools of democracy, but also powerful ways of generating ideas and solutions that suit the circumstances.  This is what communities do in dialogue circles, where together with a neutral mediator, they get involved in solving their problems together. Most important: in the first sessions they get to know each others culture, class, religion etc. This practice comes originally from Sweden, where now half of the population is now part of at least one circle.

Nuance through visualisation
Too often, things are only discussed in terms of “For or Against” when, in reality, there are many other nuances that need to be taken into account when discussing ideas or policies. When all the nuances are brought into a form easy to process for people, it is possible to design policies for which there is a broad support. In Taiwan, they used that visual support of arguments in a debate to help the different parts better understand each other and encourage them to compromise towards a middle ground.