In Search of Democracy 3.0 is here to inspire and to give a voice to changemakers. In order to achieve that, we organize additional programs surrounding the performance and documentaries.

  • Democratic Agora Berlin, May 2020 

Together with European Democracy Network, we support and empower young activists for freedom and fundamental rights.  The In Search of Democracy 3.0 live research performance opens the conversation on democratic innovation. 

  •  Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten

We work together with The VNG to kickstart the conversation on democratic renewal at a local level. The VNG is the Association of Dutch Municipalities, which aims to strengthen the local governments, so they can optimally serve their residents. 

  •  Vrijheidsweek Haarlem

This year, the Netherlands commemorates 75 years since the end of the Second World War. Haarlem makes out of this occasion a celebration of freedom and a lesson for the future. During Vrijheidsweek, alongside our live research performance, students from Hogeschool InHolland are creating an exhibition around the theme “Unheard voices of Haarlem”. This is what democracy is about – making sure everyone has the chance of being heard. 

  • Sketch Moss

In summer 2020, we’ll visit the city of Moss, Norway. Not only we are performing in several neighbourhoods in town, but also we’ll create a whole intervention around the restoration of an old ferry terminal and the area around it. Through creative architectural drawing sessions, we mobilize different voices and opinions, to help the municipality in their democratic planning process.  

We love to stop by and have viewings, Q&A’s, workshops, inspirational breakfasts, lunch meetings, you name it. Just get in touch with us.