In Search of Democracy 3.0 is a pilot project of the European artistic network IN SITU. Their involvement is crucial for our journey through Europe. Over the coming years, we’ll visit many of the attached festivals.

In a series of articles developed by IN SITU, several people involved in the project explain how it came about. They speak as creators and artistic directors about expectations for the project, and the ideas, people and stories they encountered along the way. They also speak as citizens, about their own fear of certain worrisome developments in democratic Europe, but happily also about their hopes for the future.

In a first episode, Kees Lesuis, artistic director of Oerol who has supported the project since its inception, explains wy he got involved in the project.

“A few years ago, I saw a performance Lucas De Man had developed, In Search of Europe. It was also partly a lecture/performance, with a strong form. Lucas De Man travelled through Europe with his team and met creatives, who all provided unexpected short takes and insights and together sketched an interesting image of Europe. When I saw it, two and a half years ago, I thought: Lucas de Man has to join IN SITU – he creates large projects on major issues in Europe where art can speak with a different voice.”

Curious about IN SITU and the full article? You can find their blog here.