During Oerol Festival, we’ll start our theatrical research journey. Oerol is one of the biggest theatre festivals in The Netherlands, with more than 30.000 visitors. People from all over the country come to the 10-day event held on the North Sea island Terschelling. In this archival page, you can find some of the insights that we gained during our presence.

Every day we ask the participants of our performance:

What are the essential components for democracy as you would like it to be?

We give people 10 minutes to bring in their ideas. Some people come up with very creative answers, others stick to the basics. All together they form a palet of core values of the democracy they would like to live in.

We keep track of all their answers and visualize them live, in a word cloud. At the end of Oerol we’ll have a big overview of the essential components people named. But, do people also have the feeling that our current democracies are close enough to these visualizations? And what do they want to do when this is not the case? That’s where the dialogue continues.

We hope to meet you soon to join us!