We put together a special collection of additional resources to help you answer the question

‘What’s going on with democracy?’

We used the books and articles in this section as background research for our project. From the beginnings of democratic systems to today’s challenges, these will help you dive deeper into the history, functions, strengths or drawbacks of our democracy and also find out who are the people who dedicated themselves to creating a political system that aims to distribute power in a fair way.

What do you look for?

  • History: Aboriginal Dispute Resolution (Behrendt, 1995); The Life and Death of Democracy (Keane, 2010); Hannah Arendt (De Schutter & Peeters, 2015); Isonomia and the Origins of Philosophy (Karatani, 2017); The Secret History of Democracy (Isakhan, 2011);
  • Present: The People vs. Democracy (Mounk, 2018); Necropolitics (Mbembe, 2016); Down to Earth (Laourt, 2018)
  • Future: Superdiversity and Democracy ( Maly, Bloomert & Yakoub, 2014)

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