We are very honored that the kick-off of In Search of Democracy 3.0 will be at Oerol Festival 2019. We’ll perform our live research performance and screen the first three episodes of our short documentary series. 

Oerol will take place from the 14th of June until the 23rd on the Dutch island Terschelling. Check the Dutch spoken program here. We will conduct a 10-day theatrical research into the visitors’ ideas about contemporary democracy and its possible directions for the future. With a combination of theater, music and direct dialogue, we hope to create an open and accessible atmosphere. Visitors can decide themselves if they want t to be a participant or spectator.

Since the festival is famous for it’s art in public space, our project finds a good connection with its organizers and audience. The aim of In Search of Democracy 3.0 is to function as a public meeting point. Therefore we’ve chosen to settle down in the church of Midsland. The church is exactly in the middle of the island and in the middle of the village. Just as it is at the center of the community of Terschelling, the performance will function as the heart of the small festival society. We are opening its doors and create space for an engaged dialogue.

“We are not going to talk about religion, but in asense we will be talking about meaning. Because what sense or nonsense does democracy actually have for us? Or, what sense do we want to give it?”
Jasper van den Berg (researcher and creative producer)

Besides our performance, we will screen the first three episodes of our short documentaries. They show that it’s bubbling with democratic renewal projects all around Europe. Documentary maker Emma Lesuis follows the innovators behind these initiatives. She discovered the energy of citizens to be active in a wide variety of possibilities. In between the performances, her first three episodes will be shown in the church of Midsland.

We are thoroughly political, but we do not realize that enough, while as a citizen you can really do a lot. With the documentary sereis I hope to show just that. I hope to get others moving, to move, to go out into the world.”
Emma Lesuis (documentary maker)

We are looking forward to organizing this stimulating start to our European tour. The festival is open to all. Check the program here. We’ll be happy to meet you there!